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Unlike some of the other Lawn Bowling Sites on the Internet I have not indiscriminately linked to all the bowling sites I could find. What I have tried to do is to link to sites that add value to bowls on the Internet. I have of course, also included links to the websites (good or bad) of the main associations and organisations in the sport.

If you have a bowling website that is of a reasonable or better standard and that offers real content and information of interest to other bowlers get in touch with us and we will consider linking to you. Similarly, if you have a site that is not necessarily about bowling and you think it would be of interest to our site visitors let us know.

Books on Bowls
If you are looking for prionted information about bowling this is probably the onlu link you will ever need, It is a non-commercial website where the owner is a collector of bowling books. He has catalogued all the books in his collection and added a record of Lawn Bowling videos. It also includes other useful links.
Bowls Scotland
The Scottish Association - official site for outdoor bowling in Scotland
Scottish Indoor Bowling Association
The official website of the Scottish Indoor Bowling Association.
Northern Ireland Bowling Association
Official Website
Irish Bowling Association
The Irish Bowling Association (IBA) is the governing body of the sport of men’s outdoor bowls in Ireland.
Welsh Bowling Association
The Welsh Bowling Association is the men's governing body of many outdoor lawn bowling clubs in Wales.
Tweed Heads Bowls Club (Australia)
This is the website of a large bowling club in Australia that I was fortunate enough to visit. Have a look and see how it's done down under. This is a great resource that is kept well up to date.
Pitchcare is an excellent, free online magazine for Groundsmen, Greenkeepers and people involved in green maintenance. Registration is required before you get full access but it is free.
Bowls Australia
The official site for the sport of lawn bowls in Australia. A professional looking site with lots of information about bowling in Oz.
Bowls Canada
Bowls Canada Boulingrin (BCB) is the governing body responsible for lawn bowls in Canada.
English Bowling Association
The official website for English Bowlers.
Bowls USA
Bowls USA governs the sport of bowls in the U.S.
Bowls International
UK based bowling magazine.
World Indoor Bowls Council (WIBC)
This official website leaves a lot to be desired!
British Isles Indoor Bowls Council (BIIBC)
Their official website, which once again is a wee bit disappointing and home made looking but it does contain some useful content. It also looks like it was built by the same people who did the SIBA and WIBC sites.
Toucher Web Design UK and Worldwide
Designed this site.
Coaching and Playing the Game
This is an excellent, free eBook by Rob Judson, who was state coaching director for the Royal Queensland Bowls Association from 1996 to 1998. He was also a member of the RQBA's coaching unit from 1993 to 2002.

New to the Game
This is a downloadable document from Bowls Queensland for players who are new to the game.
This is a new website, an ongoing development, which has useful information about all forms of bowling.

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