Useful Downloads (including coaching info)

The downloadable material here already has links from other pages but I thought it would be useful to provide links to it on one page to make it easier to find. If anyone has any other material that could be included please forward it to us. You can download anything listed but remember that some of this it may be Copyright VOLBC or elsewhere so please ask before reproducing it.

1. Lawn Bowls Etiquette: This is a subject that I believe is too often ignored nowadays. Bowling requires a certain standard of behaviour from the participants. This document provides information on this.World Bowls Logo

2. Laws of the Sport of Bowls: This is a link to a downloadable PDF of the laws of the game from World Bowls.

3. Rob Judson is a retired coach from Australia who has produced lots of invaluable coaching information. This particular document is probably the most comprehensive free document that is available. Download Coaching PDF Here. (This is a large document with 133 pages so depending on the speed of your Internet connection it may take some time to download).

4. Lawn Bowls Frequently Asked Questions: This is list of common questions about the rules of the game from the Scottish Bowling Association. It is only two pages and well worth a look.

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