VOLBC Rules and By Laws

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Club Competition Rules

1. All competitions will be played under S.B.A. Rules - Subject to the following additional Bylaws.

2. All ties must be played before 5.30 pm on the finishing date for each round as shown on the competition draw sheets. Only in special circumstances will extensions be given.

3. Challenger - see Rule 7 (copy below) of bylaws of Constitution and Rules. (The challenger is the player whose name precedes that of his opponent on the competition draw sheet.)

4. One substitute in a Pairs or Fours or Triples Competition will be allowed.

(a) Classified Pairs - The substitute player will be the first player defeated in the competition, namely, substitute lead for a lead and skip for a skip.
(b) Nominated Pairs - One substitute can be chosen to play in this competition provided that he has not played in a previous round.
(c) Nominated Fours and Triples - One substitute can be chosen to play in these competitions, provided that he has not played in a previous round: the original player can resume in the next round in the Fours and Triples only. Failing this the substitute continues.
(d) Club Open Tournaments - Substitutes in Club Open Tournaments shall be chosen from anyone who could not play in the Qualifying Tournament as a result of being selected to represent the County or the Club by the Match Committee on the date of the qualification Tournament.
(e) The selection of a Section winner in a Vale of Leven Bowling Club Open Tournament, where there is equality in points and shots shall be based upon (a) a count back on the number of ends won and (b) if still equal an extra end will be played.

5. In the event of an unfinished tie (due to unforeseen circumstances) the tie will resume at the score of the unfinished game.

6. First house ties must start no later than 18.45. Where both the first and second house ties are pre-booked any first house rink which becomes vacant due to a singles tie being cancelled may only be taken by another singles tie. If the tie has not commenced by 18.45 the rink is considered vacant for an ordinary game until 19.45.

What it says in Rule 7 of the Bylaws in the Constitution Book

In order to facilitate the working of the Competitions during the bowling season, and to obviate any disputes, a Challenge Book will be available in the Clubhouse. It will be considered good notice if the challenger enters in the Challenge Book, his name and two distinct days (not consecutive and not Saturdays or Sundays) when he will be on the Green within the stipulated time to play his tie. In the event of the challenged party not appearing on the date stated, the challenger will then be entitled to the tie.

Any challenger who may not have given evidence that he challenged his opponent will be struck out.

In rounds preceding the fourth round, if the challenger has not challenged his opponent in the first week after the sheets have been posted the other party has the right to challenge, using the challenge book as previously stated.

Note: The challenge book is intended to be used where the opponent has not been able to be contacted. Common courtesy requires that the challenger makes every effort to contact his opponent before reverting to the challenge book.

If clarification on the Laws of the Game of Bowls is required a copy of the L:aws of the Game of Bowls from World Bowls is available for download here.

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